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Reaction to Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman: The Musical starts previews on Broadway in just a few days! With new videos being released, I decided to take down my initial reaction upon my first time watching the videos.

1. "I Can't Go Back" - Samantha Barks' voice is insane. I loved her as Eponine in the Les Mis movie, and I'm glad she's finally making it to Broadway. The actual song lyrics are awesome and it is a powerful anthem. I can't wait to hear it in the context as the show.

2. Behind-The-Scenes with Samantha Barks and Andy Karl - This is the first look at Barks with Andy Karl, who came in last minute to replace Steve Kazee. The pair seem to have good chemistry and are comfortable together. I think Karl is an incredible performer and it will be interesting to see what he does with his character.

3. First Look - While this is with the Chicago cast, not all of whom are coming to Broadway, it gives a quick look at some sets and the other music. The score definitely sounds like a pop score but the lyrics really seem to have thought and meaning behind them, something pop scores can sometimes lack.

Overall, I'm really excited for this show. I think the movie will translate well to the stage and that the pairing of Samantha Barks and Andy Karl is quite genius. Since previews start on July 20th, keep your eyes peeled for a review coming soon!

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