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New York Times Faces Backlash After Head Over Heels Review

When Head Over Heels opened on Thursday, one review stood out from the others. And that was Ben Brantley's review in The New York Times. I first discovered this through Twitter where many members of the Broadway community had taken to express their anger over things Brantley said.

While his purposeful misgendering of Pythio - a non-binary character was retracted after Brantley issued is apology (see image), as was his comment about the word "binary" being overused, the response from the community was still overwhelming in report of the show and how a major plot point is that Pythio is non-binary and referred to as they/them.

While his apology was received well by the production, it is the second review in the past week from The New York Times that has not sat well with readers and many members of the public were not happy with it either one.

At the end of the day, it was best said by whoever runs the official Twitter for Head Over Heels: "We are so proud to be supported by the Broadway and LGBTQIA+ communities, and are thrilled to be celebrating ALL people 8 times a week at the Hudson Theatre".

The issues we have in 2018 don't seem to be going away. Head Over Heels is made for people who support all kinds of love and who celebrate their message of acceptance. So, it's not a bad time to head to the Hudson Theatre and see it, to gain a little more understanding and share in acceptance.

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