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Reaction to The Cher Show

As fall openings slowly begin to creep up on us, I figured it was a good time to react to one of my most anticipated shows of the season: The Cher Show!

1. Cher's Designer Recreates Pop Star's Iconic Outfits - In this short video from CBS Chicago, we are given an idea of what the costuming for the show will be like. Not only is Bob Mackie portrayed in the show for designing Cher's outfits, but he is recreating many of these for the new musical. My initial reaction to this is overwhelmingly positive because it means that the show's costuming will likely be spectacular.

2. First Look at Cher - In this picture posted to their official Twitter account, The Cher Show gives us a glimpse of the three actresses who will be portraying Cher at different stage throughout her life. Not only do they look stunning, but I find it to support my hopes that the costuming will be spectacular.

Despite not too much currently revealed about the show, I'm excited for it's run on Broadway. While jukebox musicals can be common and repetitive, I have high hopes that this one, much the woman it is based on, will become iconic.

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