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The Positive Effects of Social Media on Theater

A few days ago, I published an opinion piece about the negative effects of theater fans on the internet, so it seemed only fitting to write a piece about the positive effects.

One of these positive effects can be seen at the Pershing Square Signature Center, where Be More Chill is currently running. The show became wildly popular through the power of the Internet, when people who were fans of things like Dear Evan Hansen discovered it on YouTube.

Many people wouldn't think that a show that had 30 some performances at a small regional theater could find its way to New York. But thanks to the people who streamed the album and drew more attention to it, it now plays a sold out run.

While the off-Broadway run ends on September 30th, it won't be the last that we hear of Be More Chill. The power of the Internet and of the fans is bigger than anyone could have imagined. It gave a small show another life, and is now one of the most popular shows around.

This is the positive part of the Internet, where people who find something they love can help others experience it, and can help it reach new heights.

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