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More Than Just Hamilton

When most people think about Broadway, there is a strong likelihood that unless they are among people who frequent Broadway theaters that the first couple shows that come to their mind includes Hamilton. And while there is obviously nothing wrong with that, it shows that many shows get looked over if the ticket prices aren't through the roof and if no one is really talking about them, let alone playing the music everywhere.

While I have no problems with Hamilton or any other show that gets a lot of hype, I tend to find that many shows get looked over as a result. But Broadway is more than just those shows.

Many shows like Waitress, Come From Away, and Miss Saigon are often passed over in favor of something like Hamilton or Dear Evan Hansen. And shows like Kinky Boots only end up garnering more hype when people with large fanbases are in them.

I saw Kinky Boots the other night, and while I was at the stage door, there were so many people there just to meet Brendon Urie that didn't care as much about the rest of the cast, which really annoyed me. I get it if you want to see your favorite singer or actor in a show, but at least learn a bit about the show, and appreciate the other actors because they put in as much work as well.

Many people also have no idea about many shows that are on Broadway, meaning that more people should start talking about them! So if you consider seeing shows, skip the rush lines and the lotteries and see a show that may surprise you.

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