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Top 5 Broadway Cast Albums

So many theater nerds listen to cast albums religiously, until they know every word of every part and are mouthing along with the cast when they see it on stage. I am one of those people, and these are my top 5 Broadway Cast Albums.

1. Dear Evan Hansen - This is one of two albums I actually have downloaded to my phone, and for good reason. Once I knew I would be seeing the show I had a vacation ahead of me and that meant a long plane ride. So naturally, I bought the album to listen to on the plane. And it is amazing. Ben Platt's voice is incredible both through headphones and live.

2. Come From Away - And this is the other album I have downloaded to my phone. As everyone knows, I adore this show and after I couldn't stand needing cell phone service to listen to it, I bought the album. The best part about this album is that what's on it isn't just the songs. Other numbers where there is music in the background and little to no singing are included, helping you to get closer to the story.

3. Les Miserables - I have a soft spot for Les Miz. I know some people love it and other people hate it, but I really love it. The music is incredible, taking you on a journey that many other shows and albums don't. If you haven't listened to, or at least watched the film you should.

4. Waitress - I really enjoyed this show when I saw it. And when I like a show I listen to the album again and again. Jessie Mueller and Drew Gehling's voices are wonderful and it's an absolute joy to listen to.

5. Kinky Boots - After I saw this show I could not stop listening to the music and it is still on repeat. The music is so lively it makes you want to get up a dance, while other songs are emotionally grounded and lovely to listen to.

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