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My Favorite Theatergoing Experiences

While I have many theatergoing experiences that have shaped not only my taste in theater but also opinions I have, these are some that I hold dear to my heart.

1. Mary Michael Patterson as Meg Giry in Love Never Dies - Meg becomes quite unhinged by the end of the show, a far cry from the dancer we meet at the beginning of the original Phantom. Patterson was made for Meg in Love Never Dies and played with a haunting beauty that left me stunned.

2. Bonnie Milligan in Head Over Heels - This is probably one of the most spectacular Broadway debuts EVER. Milligan can belt to the heavens, and her performance in Head Over Heels was brilliantly sung, comedic, and earned her a legion of fans. I'm so glad I got to see her as Princess Pamela four times.

3. The entire OBC of The Ferryman - I have so much love for this show, and for the incredibly talented cast. Each performer makes you feel like you know the character and exactly who they are. While credit is due to Jez Butterworth's genius, it take a brilliant cast to bring this story to life, and they connect to everyone in that theater. This will forever rank as one of my favorite experiences in a theater.

4. Bryan Cranston in Network - Cranston is brilliant, especially in this role. His portrayal of Howard Beale and all of his breakdowns and difficulties can simply be described as electric.

5. Michael Urie and Jack DiFalco in Torch Song - This was a show that kept me engaged the entire time. I was especially moved by the performances of Urie and DiFalco as Arnold and David, his adopted son in the third part of the show, "Widows and Children." While both brilliant in the show on their own, they are especially brilliant together.

6. Noma Dumezweni in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - She brings so much to the character of Hermione, giving depth to the character as an adult in a beautifully nuanced performance.

7. Everybody's Talking About Jamie in Cinemas - So while this was a filmed production, it was one of the my favorite theater experiences ever. This filmed version featured the original cast of the show and the story made me laugh, cry, and want to get up and dance by the end. It's a fabulous show and I hope it makes its way to New York.

8. Seth Numrich as Tristan Tzara in Travesties - Not only was Roundabout's revival of Tom Stoppard's play absolutely amazing (one of my biggest regrets is not seeing it a second time), but Numrich's portrayal of the Dadaist poet lit up the stage. He seemed to have boundless energy, and he's performance is one of my favorites to date.

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