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The Intermediate Guide to Broadway

So, you've seen some Broadway shows! Good for you (cue the Dear Evan Hansen music)! But you want to improve your Broadway experience and feel a bit more comfortable in the Broadway world. Once again, you've come to the right place!

So if you read my Beginner's Guide to Broadway you probably picked up one or two tricks on buying tickets for less then what most people think it costs. Now, you'll learn what to avoid. For shows that are often sold out, (think Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton), they are resold on websites for almost double the face value. While when a show is truly sold out there can be good deals, lots of sites will add on hundreds of dollars in fees at checkout often making your tickets much more expensive then they would normally be. Only a few sites, such as TickPick sell tickets without fees, and if you want to buy resale tickets, I highly recommend this sight.

Now we're back to what to do before or after the show, and where you can eat if you want to. While Junior's and Sardi's are both great (and frequented by many people going to the theater) some places will be less crowded. Times Square has a rich offering of places to eat, some more formal and some less formal. One of the best chains in the city is Five Guys, and is conveniently close to the Times Square subway stop. Hard Rock Cafe is also close to many theaters and there are other popular theater restaurants such as Joe Allen. Joe Allen is an especially notable restaurant for the posters of failed shows decorating their walls.

Stage dooring never really changes no matter how much Broadway you see. The process is generally the same though if you want to spend less time at the stage door, figure out who you hope to meet and/or take pictures with so you can leave after they come out if you want to. Just remember to be polite to those around you. If you want more advice on stage dooring you can look at my stage door 101 post here.

Have fun in your Broadway adventures! Keep an eye out for more posts like this in the future.

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