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Actors and Actresses I would love to see back on Broadway

1. Phillipa Soo - While Soo was in Broadway this past season in Amelie, the production was sadly short lived. She has a truly incredible voice and it would be lovely to see her in a new role, or return to The Great Comet in the same way original off Broadway cast member and creator Dave Malloy did.

2. Lea Michele - Michele was last seen on Broadway in 2006 alongside Jonathan Groff in Spring Awakening. With as good a voice as hers it would be great to see her back on Broadway, perhaps in a revival of Funny Girl? Since Glee, everyone has heard her sing "Don't Rain on My Parade".

3. Jeremy Jordan - Probably his most famous Broadway role, Jordan was last seen in Newsies as Jack Kelly. He repeated his role for the filmed version which was released in theaters, then for digital download, and will be returning to theaters. While he is currently in CW's Supergirl, it would be great to see him back on the Broadway stage.

4. James Corden - While Corden has only had two Broadway roles in the past, he certainly proved his singing skills while hosting the 2016 Tony Awards and while having a riff-off on his late show with Neil Patrick Harris, another experienced Tony host and Broadway veteran. It would lovely to see Corden take on a role in a musical.

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